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Certified Plot Plans. Many communities in Massachusetts require a survey in order to build additions or build a garage or pool. A certified plot plan is the result of an instrument survey. A CPP shows existing conditions and proposed additions along with dimensional offsets to property lines.  
Condominium Conversions. A site plan and unit/floor plans are necessary in Massachusetts for converting a building into condominium units. A site plan shows the exterior elements of the property, lot lines, easements, parking and any areas designated for exclusive or common use. Unit plans show the interior specifics of each unit. 

Elevation Certificates.
The Elevation Certificate is a document prepared by an engineer or land surveyor. It is a risk management tool for property owners when their homes are classified to be in a Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHA). An elevation certificate provides elevation information for a structure or lot, which is used to determine the proper flood insurance premium rates. It is also used to support a request for a LOMA or eLOMA. Many LOMC's can now be processed online through FEMA's website.
Condo Conversion in Massachusetts
Elevation Certificates
Certified Plot Plans in MAssachusetts
ALTA/ACSM Surveys. Commercial property surveys throughout Massachusetts. ALTA surveys are similar to a boundary or property survey, but follow a comprehensive set of standards laid out by the National Society of Professional Surveyors and the American Land Title Association.
Boundary Survey/Property Survey.  Disputes with a neighbor over property lines can 
sometimes be put to rest with a Boundary Survey. This type of survey is usually
accompanied by a lot line staking. 

Propert stakeout in Massachusetts