Blog Series: Elevation Certificates in Acton, MA

Flood insurance rates have been rising across the state. If you’re seeking an elevation certificate in Acton, MA, the town does have information available to residents online. Information about flood zones in Acton can be found here.

Acton has its own GIS/Mapping system which shows the town’s flood zones graphically, though the site does warn that they should be viewed as an approximate representation of FEMA’s maps. It’s important, too, to note that FEMA’s flood zones are based on whole areas and not individual elevations. While your property may be in an area known as a flood risk, your individual structure may not actually be at risk. An elevation survey performed by a licensed Massachusetts land surveyor can determine the actual elevation, and this may be used to remove your property from the flood zone or lower your flood insurance rates.

If you’re seeking a qualified land surveyor in Acton, call Massachusetts Survey Consultants today. We travel all over the Boston area and throughout most of Massachusetts.