Elevation Survey in Shrewsbury, MA

We recently conducted a property survey in Shrewsbury, MA. This was actually an elevation survey for one homeowner who had been paying flood insurance for years. After conducting the survey, it turned out the home is actually not in a flood zone. The homeowner was understandably very happy. Once the elevation certificate is submitted to his insurance company, he may be able to avoid paying flood insurance and even get money back for insurance he has previously paid. Soon after we began to get phone calls from his neighbors also seeking elevation certificates in Shrewsbury. All in all we ended up completing five elevation surveys in Shrewsbury in the same neighborhood and five elevation certificates placing all neighbors outside of the flood zone. This actually happens more frequently than you would think. If you are paying flood insurance and questioning whether your house is technically in a flood zone or not, call us today at (617) 899-0703 and we will be happy to assist you with an elevation certificate.