Flood Insurance & Elevation Certificates in Winthrop

Are you seeking an elevation certificate in Winthrop for your property? You’re not alone.  Many towns across Massachusetts have seen increased flood insurance premiums, along with increased concern from residents as a result, and Winthrop is no exception.

Winthrop’s Precinct 4 Town Councilor Craig Mael has some very helpful information on the subject, including information on the Bigger-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012 and how it affects the town of Winthrop; the Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act presented by Massachusetts State Senators Warren and Markey and Representatives Tierney, Lynch, Tsongas and Keating; “grandfathering” of lower flood insurance rates; and more.  Visit the website at http://www.craigmael.com/ to learn more.

For homeowners concerned with rising flood insurance in Winthrop and elsewhere across the state, it certainly helps to do your homework. Getting an elevation certificate, or FEMA flood certificate, can also help. An elevation certificate can determine the actual elevation of your property, which may be used to remove the Special Flood Hazard Area Designation from your property or even lead to reduced flood insurance premiums.  If you’re seeking an elevation certificate in Winthrop, MA, contact Massachusetts Survey Consultants at (617) 899-0703.