How Much Does A Land Survey Cost in Massachusetts?

There are many factors which determine the cost of a land survey. When determining the land survey fee, a land surveyor will take the following into account:

  • The type of survey, including the property size, shape and accessibility; the terrain and vegetation; and the time of year.
  • Whether or not existing records and monuments on or near the property are available and credible.
  • Whether or not the survey needs to adhere to certain standards such as the Massachusetts Land Court Standards or if any additional requirements are requested by the town or local authority.
  • The presence of conflicting deed calls or hostile or uncooperative neighbors.

Providing a flat-rate land survey price is often difficult. Many surveyors charge by the hour, however there are multiple other factors which help to determine the cost including those listed above as well as the equipment needed, vehicle mileage, any business overhead and other related costs.

In general, most surveyors can provide you with a land survey price based on your specific requirements. Additional services, such as lot staking, may also cost more. To avoid misunderstandings, many land surveyors will have you sign a contract or agreement listing the services to be performed as well as a lump sum fee or hourly rate.