The Electronic Letter of Map Amendment (eLOMA)

Homeowners whose properties are considered to be within high-risk zones are often required by their lenders to obtain flood insurance. If the homeowner does not agree with this requirement, they can dispute it by getting a flood zone determination from FEMA. If the lowest adjacent grade elevation of the structure or the lowest lot elevation of the property is found to be above the 1-percent-annual-chance (base) flood elevation based on elevation data and site surveys, then the federal insurance requirement is waived and the homeowner may not be required by their lender to pay flood insurance.

These determinations by FEMA are known as Letters of Map Amendment (LOMAs) and they typically take up to 60 days or longer to undergo manual review. This can pose a problem for homeowners if there are time constraints placed on them by their lender, such as with loan closings. This is where eLOMAs can be very beneficial.

eLOMAs have been designed to replace the conventional LOMA process by allowing certified land surveyors and engineers to perform LOMAs using a web-based application. When performed by a state-licensed surveyor and after the completion of an Elevation Certificate, the FEMA eLOMA determination letter can be available right away.