Updated Flood Maps Increase Massachusetts Flood Insurance Rates

At Massachusetts Survey Consultants, we have seen a dramatic increase in requests for Elevation Certificates in Massachusetts.  In fact, it’s a topic that has caught quite a bit of attention lately.  Recently, the topic was discussed in The Boston Globe in an article titled “Flood maps raising cost of insurance”. The article described how many homeowners are facing the possibility of new or significantly higher premiums for flood insurance since FEMA updated Massachusetts flood maps, effectively redrawing flood lines. The Massachusetts FEMA flood map updates saw many homes previously placed above base flood elevation now being labeled as being in high-risk flood zones.  Furthermore, a 2012 federal law has removed the possibility of using old flood-risk data to grandfather properties.  Many residents are understandably concerned. One Marshfield resident speculated that it could cost her $10,000 or more per year, an amount that is simply unattainable for many. Given the concern, FEMA and state and local officials hosted a meeting and presentation on September 4 in Marshfield for Plymouth County property owners to help interpret local maps and answer questions. Property owners have the right to appeal their inclusion in the flood zone until October 17, but the appeal must include professional documentation proving that the elevation is different from what the maps indicate. This requires an elevation certificate from a licensed Massachusetts land surveyor or engineer. Fortunately, if you’re concerned about the rising cost of flood insurance in Massachusetts, you do have options.  We have completed many successful elevation certificates for Massachusetts residents which have effectively removed their property from the flood zone.  If you question your property’s flood zone designation, call us today to schedule an appointment at 617-899-0703.  Read the article in full at The Boston Globe.