Can’t Get Out of the Flood Zone? An Elevation Certificate Can Still Help

At Massachusetts Survey Consultants, we’ve been very busy with elevation certificate requests, from elevation certificates in Malden, Winthrop and Revere, and elevation certificates in Essex and Beverly, to elevation certificates in Quincy and Hull, and elevation certificates in Framingham, Lexington, Chelmsford and beyond.  With the recent updates to FEMA flood zone maps, elevation certificates have been in high demand.

This is one aspect of land surveying that we really love because we truly feel like we’re helping people. Many homeowners have come to us concerned that they’re going to lose their home because of the hike in flood insurance in Massachusetts, and they are truly grateful and overjoyed when we’re able to remove their property from the flood zone. In fact, when one client received the news just before Christmas that her property would be removed, she declared, “You’re just like Santa, except delivering elevation certificates instead of presents!”

Unfortunately, as much as we wish we could, we’re not able to get every property removed from the flood zone.   But even for those who aren’t successfully removed, the story doesn’t have to end there.  In fact, many of our clients whose properties remained in FEMA flood zones happily reported reductions in insurance premiums.  This is because the elevation certificate provided the insurance company with a true elevation so that they could base their insurance rates on the property’s actual risk.  So in the end it’s a win-win situation for all.