Lexington Property Survey Reveals Wetlands Issue

We did a property survey in Lexington the other day for a homeowner planning to have an addition built on his house. Once we completed this Lexington land survey, we discovered that part of the property is in protected wetlands. Unfortunately, after consulting with a wetlands specialist, the homeowner learned that his planned addition could […]

Wellesley Property Survey Prior to Fence Installation

We completed a property survey in Wellesley with stakeout recently. The homeowners wanted their land surveyed prior to putting up a fence, something which we see pretty frequently. When installing a fence or other structure on or close to the property line, it’s definitely a good idea to have your property surveyed first. In the […]

Blog Series: Elevation Certificates in Winchester, MA

Within the town of Winchester there are several potential flooding sources, the most significant of which are the Aberjona River and its tributary Horn Pond Brook. Several other bodies of water also pose a flood risk, including Wedge Pond, Winter Pond, and Upper Mystic Lake. If you’re looking for information about elevation certificates in Winchester, […]

Blog Series: Elevation Certificates in Your Town

Given recent updates to FEMA’s flood maps, many Massachusetts residents are understandably concerned about the increasing cost of flood insurance.  If your home is in a flood zone but you question the flood zone designation, you can obtain the services of a licensed land surveyor who can complete a survey and elevation certificate for your […]

Boston, MA Property Survey

We recently performed a land survey in Boston, Massachusetts, for a criminal court case. Though many people don’t realize this, land surveyors are occasionally called upon to provide expert testimony in civil cases and sometimes even criminal cases. Perhaps the most obvious would be court cases involving boundary disputes where a land surveyor may need […]

Flood Insurance & Elevation Certificates in Winthrop

Are you seeking an elevation certificate in Winthrop for your property? You’re not alone.  Many towns across Massachusetts have seen increased flood insurance premiums, along with increased concern from residents as a result, and Winthrop is no exception. Winthrop’s Precinct 4 Town Councilor Craig Mael has some very helpful information on the subject, including information […]

How Do I Get Removed From The Flood Hazard Zone In Massachusetts?

FEMA’s Flood Hazard Mapping Program, in collaboration with individual states and communities, is designed to assess flood risk and identify flood hazards. An essential component of the National Flood Insurance Program, these flood maps (officially known as Flood Insurance Rate Maps or FIRMS) identify at-risk areas which are then designated as a Special Flood Hazard […]

Updated Flood Maps Increase Demand for Elevation Certificates in Massachusetts

FEMA is currently modernizing and updating their inventory of Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs). FIRMs are designed to show designated Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHA) throughout the U.S and they are used in determining whether property owners with federally-backed loans are required to have flood insurance. While many of these maps are outdated, there have […]

Massachusetts Property Surveys for Flood Insurance

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, many homeowners are faced with substantial property damage and wondering just how they will recover.  The truth of the matter is that less than a fifth of U.S. homeowners have flood insurance. With federally-backed loans for properties located within flood plains, owners are required to have flood insurance but […]

Updated Flood Maps Increase Massachusetts Flood Insurance Rates

At Massachusetts Survey Consultants, we have seen a dramatic increase in requests for Elevation Certificates in Massachusetts.  In fact, it’s a topic that has caught quite a bit of attention lately.  Recently, the topic was discussed in The Boston Globe in an article titled “Flood maps raising cost of insurance”. The article described how many […]